This incentive aims to support businesses that are willing to establish new markets, or to introduce a new service or product in an existing international market. Support shall be given in a form of a per diem allowance.

What you'll get

An eligible undertaking may be awarded support to participate in planned meetings between 2 or more parties organised for the purpose of technology transfer, knowledge sharing, developing business, facilitating research collaborations, venture funding and similar business interaction. Support shall also be awarded when such meetings are facilitated as part of an activity or initiative coordinated by national or international organisations as may be approved by the Corporation prior to the activity.


Undertakings in operation in Malta or Gozo satisfying the eligibility criteria as set in the Incentive Guidelines that are:

a. An undertaking incorporated under the Companies Act Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta being a partnership en nom collectif, en commandite or a limited liability company.
b. Self-employed persons registered with Jobsplus.
c. Co-operatives registered with the Co-operatives Board.

To receive support the applicant shall be required to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Corporation that the ultimate scope of the action is to develop, increase or enhance economic activities through cross-border collaboration.

How to apply

Fill in the online form.

Applications must be received by the Corporation via email on c4g@maltaenterprise.com prior to meeting. The Corporation shall reject applications for events scheduled for more than 2 months from the date of application and any applications received after 31st December 2020.