Since Research & Development initiatives are associated with high risk, it is advisable that undertakings undertake R&D Feasibility studies to determine that the key elements of the proposed research project are based on sound principles.

What you'll get

Six month long projects are supported by a cash grant on wages of research personnel and costs for Contractual Research & Technical Knowledge.

Capping is at €50,000 and aid intensity up to 70% depending on the size of the enterprise.


The project must be Experimental Development or Industrial Research. Undertakings employing at least 2 full time employees that intend to carry out an Industrial Research and Experimental Development project may benefit from assistance under this incentive.

How to apply

Fill in the online form.

Applicants may choose to fill in a Pre-Proposal Form first to receive feedback on whether or not their intended project conforms as a valid R&D project with the parameters set in the relevant Incentive Guidelines.

Complete and signed application forms may be sent via email to R&D@maltaenterprise.com.