STARTUP Advance is intended to support small start-up undertakings that are in the process of consolidating a business operation that has demonstrated market potential and is deemed as economically feasible and innovative by the Corporation.

What you'll get

The Corporation may award a maximum grant of €100,000. The award is limited to €25,000 for any six months and shall only be granted if the beneficiary remains classified as a startup undertaking (as per Section 2.1 of the Incentive Guidelines ) at the start of the relevant 6 month period.

The grant shall be disbursed at 3 months intervals. Each disbursement shall be calculated by multiplying €1500 to the total number of Full Time Employees who have been engaged with the beneficiary at least 1 full month.


The full list of economic activities eligible under this incentive together with eligibility details may be accessed in the Incentive Guidelines .

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it and send to:

Malta Enterprise Corporation
Malta Industrial Parks Ltd
Gwardamangia Hill
Pietà MEC 0001

As part of the application process the Corporation may request the applicant to present a pitch to the persons appointed to review the project.