Tenants of Malta Industrial Parks Limited situated at Ta' Qali crafts village will be suppoted in the development of their business premises situated within the Artisan Village.

What you'll get

Tenants will have the possibility to benefit from a guarantee of up to € 150,000 covering up to 75% of a bank loan or a cash grant of up to €70,000 part financing up to 50% of this project. 

An eligible undertaking may request support either as a cash grant or as a guarantee.


This measure is available to any undertaking that has a regular temporary emphyteutical agreement with Malta Industrial Parks in respect of property located within the Ta’ Qali artisan village.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it and send to:

Malta Enterprise Corporation
Malta Industrial Parks Ltd
Gwardamangia Hill
Pietà MEC 0001

Complete and signed application forms are to be submitted by hand or by registered post.