The Gaming Authority requests any person wanting to obtain an Amusement Machine licence to manufacture, assemble, place on the market, distribute, supply, sell, grant on lease, transfer and operate amusement machines in Malta to fill in this form.

What you'll get

A Class 1 licence will enable the applicant to:
i) Manufacture or assemble an amusement machine;
ii) Place on the market, distribute, supply, sale, grant on lease or transfer an amusement machine; or
iii) Operate an amusement machine.

Licences are granted for a term of 1 year, automatically renewable provided that the requirements of law and the licence conditions are observed.


The Gaming Authority (GA) shall not grant a Class 1 licence to a person unless it is satisfied that said person is fit and proper, having regard to:
i) The character and business reputation of the applicant and any associated person.
ii) Such other matters as may be included in the GA’s directives.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to: 
Malta Gaming Authority
Building SMC02-03
Level 4 
Smart City Malta
Ricasoli SCM1001

Together with:
i) The Amusement Machines Personal Declaration Application Form.
ii) The relative fee. 

The Authority may also require applicant to pay the costs incurred by the Authority in conducting investigations into the applicant’s suitability and verifying the information submitted thereby.