The Gaming Authority (GA) considers that the Amusement Machines Regulations (L.N. 74 of 2011) issued under the Lotteries and Other Games Act (Cap. 438 of the Laws of Malta) empowers the GA to request any person having a Class 1 licence and carrying out the activities established in Reg. 3(1)(b) and (c) to first obtain the GA’s approval and registration of the amusement machines and hence to fill in this form.

What you'll get

Once the submitted information is reviewed, applicants will be granted an approval to offer the particular Amusement Machine under a Class 1 licence.


The placing on the market, distribution, supply, sale, granting on lease, transfer or operation of amusement machines necessitates that the machines themselves be approved and registered by the Gaming Authority following an application for that purpose. Hence applicants wishing to apply for an Amusement Machines Licence Class 1 are required to apply for the approval and registration of the respective Amusement Machines.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to: 
Malta Gaming Authority
Building SMC02-03
Level 4 
Smart City Malta
Ricasoli SCM1001

Together with:
i) A manufacturer’s certificate for the amusement machine in conformity with EU Law and standards.
ii) Manuals, including software manuals, and any other documents issued by the manufacturer of the amusement machine containing:-
a) A full description of the amusement machine/s;
b) The theme of the amusement game/s that can be played thereon;
c) Instructions to be followed by players; and
d) All the rules pertaining to the amusement game/s that can be played thereon.
iii) The details of the licence held by the applicant.
iv) The details of the premises where the machine will be hosted and the details of the relative Class 2 Licensee.
v) A statement of compliance with the terms of these regulations.
vi) Proof of the legal title of the applicant over the amusement machine, or the relevant agreement/s governing the commercial relationship between the owner/seller/distributor of the amusement machine and the applicant.
vii) The non-refundable registration fee.