No Class 3 Licensee may make available for use, host or operate a relevant gaming device in any premises unless the premises have been approved by the Gaming Authority and a certificate of approval is issued in this respect.

What you'll get

The Gaming Authority may issue its approval, which is valid for a term of 1 year, renewable for a further period of 1 year.


The Gaming Authority (GA) will only approve premises that satisfy the following conditions:
i) The premises are operated, managed or otherwise controlled by persons deemed by the GA to satisfy the requirements of the fit and proper test.
ii) The premises have, as their sole and exclusive purpose, the offering of games provided through relevant gaming devices.
iii) Any and all access points to the premises are located at a radial distance of not less than 75 metres from the respective entry points at the perimeter of such places, locations, premises or establishments as may be determined by the GA from time to time by means of directives.
iv) The premises have adequate restricted access controls at the access points.
v) The premises contain no more than one relevant gaming device per 2 square meters of the area in which the playing of games through relevant gaming devices is designed to take place. In aggregate the premises shall not contain more than 10 relevant gaming devices and moreover in the case of relevant gaming devices designed or adapted in such a way as to allow more than one player to use such relevant gaming devices simultaneously, for the purposes of the limitations set out in this paragraph, the number of such relevant gaming devices shall be multiplied by the aggregate number of players who could use such relevant gaming devices simultaneously.
vi) The premises indicate on all access points, by means of an identification plate issued by the GA, that such premises are approved premises.
vii) The premises are equipped with closed circuit television cameras which are in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the week, and on which all relevant gaming devices are clearly visible and footage recorded by such closed circuit television cameras is stored for a minimum of 60 days.
viii) The premises comply with any other specifications, rules or policies established by the GA.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to: 
Malta Gaming Authority
Building SMC02-03
Level 4 
Smart City Malta
Ricasoli SCM1001

Together with:
i) The details of the Class 3 Licensee applying for approval of the premises.
ii) A description of the nature, location and dimension of the premises.
iii) A plan to scale of the premises.
iv) Diagrams that indicate clearly where the relevant gaming devices shall be located within the premises.
v) The development permit issued by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority in respect of the premises.
vi) Any other documents that may be specified by the Authority in the form.