When seeking the Gaming Authority’s (GA) approval to host gaming devices applicants also need to present the necessary permit covering the premises from the Planning Authority (PA). As part of the process for obtaining the PA permit, applicants must first apply to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the GA, as specified in the MGA’s Gaming Parlours No Objection Certificate Directive 2011, and present it to the PA. After obtaining the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) permit, applicants may proceed with applying for the PA permit. Once the PA permit has been issued, the application for approval of the gaming devices is processed by the MGA. For the purposes of the Gaming Devices Regulations (S.L. 438.07), 'Premises' means any venue or other physical infrastructure and 'Gaming Parlours' means any venue or physical infrastructure intended to make available for use, host or operate relevant gaming devices.

What you'll get

A No Objection Certificate may be granted by the Gaming Authority to a person in respect of any premises, as a form of no objection to the location thereof.


Any Operators wishing to apply for a PA development for their proposed locations intended to be used as gaming parlours are required to first obtain the GA’s No Objection Certificate.

A ‘No Objection’ Certificate may only be issued in respect of premises which are prima facie compliant with the Locations for Gaming Parlours Directive 2011. The GA may appoint an independent certified architect to perform an audit of the proposed premises, at the applicant’s expense, in order to ascertain that such location is in conformity with the respective Directive, before granting a ‘No Objection’ certificate in respect of any proposed gaming parlour.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to: 
Malta Gaming Authority
Building SMC02-03
Level 4 
Smart City Malta
Ricasoli SCM1001

Together with:
i) Site plan of the proposed location.
ii) A plan (Scale 1:100) of the premises intended to be used as a gaming parlour. The plan shall, as a minimum, indicate:
a) The area in square metres.
b) The perimeter of the premises.
c) Where the premises include, or consist of, one or more buildings, the location of any external or internal walls of each such building and means of access between the buildings, if any.
d) Where the premises form part of another building, the location of any external or internal walls of the building which are included in the premises.
e) The location of each point of entry to and exit from the premises, including in each case a description of the place from which entry is made or to which the exit leads.
iii) Duly filled in Architect’s declaration attached to Application Form as required, which shall include a statement that the proposed premises is beyond the established radial distance of 75 metres from the stipulated locations as listed in Article 4 of the Locations for Gaming Parlours Directive 2011.