Through this form, a group of persons who are holders of the warrant of Perit can register as a Partnership in Terms of Article 9 of the Periti Act, 1996.

What you'll get

Enables a group of warrant holders to act jointly, sharing responsibilities and liabilities in line with the Periti Act. It also entitles the partnership to use the title ‘Periti’.


All members of the partnership must be warranted in line with the Periti Act.
The necessary qualifications for warrant holders are defined in the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 of the ‘Periti’ Act, Chapter 390 of the Laws of Malta.

For candidates who do not immediately satisfy these requirements, the Warranting Board will assess the academic qualifications in terms of the provisions of Section 3(2)(d)(i) or Section 4 of the ‘Periti’ Act, and relative subsidiary legislation.

How to apply

For queries related to this service, please send an email on: warrantingboard.mtip@gov.mt