The School Psychological Service (SPS) helps in promoting a healthy psychoeducational environment that facilitates the learning and personal development of learners in schools. This is carried out through prevention initiatives as well as interventions on a personal, family and systemic level.

What you'll get

SPS offers its services to students that are facing challenges and difficulties in their own personal life and in their academic experience at school. It also offers support to students that due to various reasons are manifesting behaviour and/or emotional difficulties.

- Psychologists may make use of psychometric assessments to explore the nature of the above-mentioned challenges or difficulties and communicate their findings to the school and/or parents, and, where necessary, issue a psychological report.

- Apart from assessing, psychologists offer specialised interventions and therapy to help the student to thrive notwithstanding challenges, and develop his/her full potential. In order to do this, interventions with the family and with the school will take place when necessary.

- SPS also offers prevention consultations, psychoeducational programmes and trauma and crisis intervention.


The service is open to students attending Governmental schools, from kindergarten to end of secondary school. The service is also open to students attending post-secondary institutions which fall directly under the Directorate for Education Services.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it, sign it and send to:

Attn. Ms Anna Cassar
Senior Clerk
National School Support Services Department
School Psychological Services
Fra Gaetano Pace Forno Street

Parents/legal guardians who notice that their children are encountering challenges and/or difficulties of an educational or personal/emotional nature, can refer their child by filling the SPS referral form. Parents/legal guardians who may encounter difficulties in filling the mentioned form, may ask the school or the clerk at SPS to help them fill the referral form. 

This form cannot be submitted online due to the requirement of an original signature.