ACTU (Access to Communication and Technology Unit) is a team of Allied Health Professionals, Teachers and LSAs. Allied Health Professionals include Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

What you'll get

ACTU provides assessment and intervention for children with individual needs who require AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) and/or who require Assistive Technology to access the curriculum. Assistive Technology consists of a broad range of devices, technical aids and strategies, which can help solve problems encountered by children with disabilities in everyday life, education, pre-vocational or social situations. Augmentative and Alternative Communication includes a range of strategies which can be used to support expressive and receptive communication difficulties.


An individual who would access a specialist AAC/AT service would have 2 of the following:

- a severe/complex communication difficulty associated with a range of physical, cognitive, learning, or sensory deficits;
- a clear discrepancy between their level of understanding and their ability to speak and may also:
- have experience of using low tech AAC which is insufficient to enable them to realise their communicative potential and thus would like to explore high tech options.
- have difficulty to meet the educational and access needs.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it, sign it and send to:

National School Support Services
Special Education Sector
Fra Gaetano Pace Forno Street
Ħamrun ĦMR 1100

This form should be filled in by the parents together with their respective speech-language pathologist and other allied professionals. Each application should include a signed consent form by the parents/legal guardians.

This form cannot be submitted online due to the requirement of an original signature.