Nwar is an after-school family literacy programme organised by the National Literacy Agency, for children experiencing difficulties with reading and writing. The premise of the Nwar programme is that with extended support from dedicated literacy tutors and the crucial role of parents/guardians at home, children with literacy difficulties can become proficient, motivated and confident readers and writers. The programme complements day-school programmes and provides parents/guardians with practical literacy strategies to assist them in promoting their child’s educational development.

Once the Agency receives the filled in referral form, Nwar personnel contact the child’s school to obtain further academic information and determine whether the child is eligible for Nwar service provision. Eligible application are added to the waiting list of the parent’s/guardian’s preferred Nwar centre.

What you'll get

Children attend an intensive literacy support programme twice weekly together with their parents/guardians. Groups consist of a maximum of 4 children together with their parents/guardians. At present, there are 16 Nwar centres across Malta and Gozo.


Children in Year 4 and Year 5 on Checklist 1 and 2 are eligible for Nwar service provision.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

This form should be filled in online by parents/guardians who need to provide evidence their child needs additional literacy support. Parents/guardians may opt to upload their child’s Core Competence Checklist and/or their child’s exam results and other supporting documentation such as psychologist’s reports. On completion, an email will automatically be sent to the Nwar programme with the referral form and supporting documentation.

Schools may apply for service using the detailed Nwar Referral Form and this should be sent together with the parental/guardian consent form and supporting documentation to:

National Literacy Agency
Attn: Nwar Family Literacy Programme
Joseph Abela Scolaro Street
Ħamrun ĦMR 1304