This action is all about providing opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness.

Under Key Action 1 organisations can apply for funding to run mobility projects to enable organisations to offer structured study, work experience, job shadowing, training and teaching opportunities to staff and learners.

Beneficiaries are able to spend a period of time in another participating country gaining valuable experience of life, study and work with the aim of increasing the opportunities available to them in the future.

Key Action 1 covers the five fields of higher education, vocational education and training, schools, adult education and youth. It is important to note that target groups and activities for Key Action 1 vary by field.

Key Action 1 is the largest action in Erasmus+ with 63% of programme budget supporting its focus on increasing mobility and skills.

What you'll get

This funding action provides an opportunity for teachers to gain competences in addressing the needs of pupils with disadvantaged backgrounds. It also allows teachers or other school education staff to teach at a partner school abroad and supports the professional development of teachers, school leaders or other school education staff in the form of structured courses or training events abroad; a job shadowing/observation period abroad in a partner school or relevant organisation active in the field of school education.


A school sending members of its staff abroad.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

In order to be considered eligible, the application form must be duly completed and submitted to the National Agency within the deadlines set in the specific calls for proposals.