This form is to be used by students who are in the process of enrolling, or have recently enrolled in a training programme which adheres to the parameters set in the Incentive Guidelines of the Get Qualified scheme. Get Qualified is an initiative that supports the personal development of individuals for the achievement of qualifications and certifications required by industry. The incentive is applicable to individuals following a course of studies leading to a certification, diploma, degree or post-graduate degree courses. Upon successful completion the student will benefit from a tax credit thus recovering part of the costs incurred. Students who are in the process of enrolling or have recently enrolled in a training programme which has still not been considered eligible for the scheme can request Malta Enterprise to consider the programme for eligibility under the Get Qualified scheme.

What you'll get

Confirmation from Malta Enterprise that a particular course is eligible or otherwise for assistance under the Get Qualified scheme plus a tax credit certificate upon successful completion of the particular course.


Individuals financing their own studies.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:
Malta Enterprise Corporation
Malta Industrial Parks Ltd
Gwardamangia Hill
Pietà MEC 0001