A website to provide students, parents, and teachers with useful information of what to expect in the next scholastic year.

What you'll get

The website covers compulsory schooling from Kinder 1 to Year 11 (Form 5), and is spread into different sections reflecting all this through pages for each year for easy access to information. Each year is divided in five main segments:

• A video from an educator explaining what one can expect in a particular scholastic year.
• Information covering the most important aspects of the year such as curriculum, how parents can be involved, academic choices, and changes from the previous year.
• A section with Frequently Asked Questions which is continuously updated from feedback received.
• A section where users can submit questions or suggestions and in turn these are reflected on the website through updates.
• A section with personalised contact details for the College Principal and School Support Services according to the school the student is currently attending.


The general public.

How to apply

Click on the 'apply' button to access the website.