Farmers, gardeners and field enthusiasts can purchase local and imported fruit tree species, as well as rootstocks from the centre. The local fruit trees are propagated at the centre, while the imported ones are brought from the Fruit tree nursery in Malta.

What you'll get

Various types of local fruit trees including stone fruit species, pome fruit species, figs, pomegranates and others will be available for sale from the centre. Selected imported varieties will also be available for sale. Local fruit trees are propagated in pots, while imported ones will come in bare roots. Various types of rootstocks for fruit tree propagation will also be available for sale.


Any farmer, gardener or field enthusiasts can apply to purchase from these types of fruit trees and rootstocks, subject to availability. Each year, a list containing the fruit trees available for sale will be updated in September/October and will be on display on this website as well as on the Government Gazette.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

The application will be completed once a deposit is paid at the Government Experimental Farm. One may also apply personally at the Government Farm at Xewkija.