The Form E is used to find out whether a property is in a Registration Area or not and also to find out whether the property is registered and if so in whose name.

What you'll get

Following the search, you have the right to know whether:

i) The property is in a registration area;
ii) The property is in a land registration area and has never been registered before;
iii) The property is in a land registration area and has been registered before; If there are any hypothecs, privileges and/or cautions registered at the Land Registry; and/or
i) Any other known fact which may negatively influence your decision to deal in the property.


The notary must present the application, however anybody can request a notary to do so.

How to apply

You have to take a Land Registry plan to your architect who will mark the relevant property on the plan and sign it. If necessary, he will also prepare a detailed plan. You will then return to your notary who will fill in a search form (Form E) and attach the original registration plan together with the detailed plan. Your notary should then file these plans together with Form E at the Land Registry.