To be completed when requiring to notify the Authority of the intention of carrying out an activity which falls under Class 19 of the Development Notification Order.

This Supplementary Information Form is intented to accompany formal Notifications to the Planning Authority for Activities described in Class 19 of the Development Notification Order, 2016.

What you'll get

A clearance letter setting conditions to be followed while the activity is being carried out.


The general public.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:

Planning Authority
St Francis Ravelin Street
Floriana FRN 1230

Together with:
i) The notification form provided by the Planning Authority.
ii) A site plan scale 1:2500 of the area to be used for the activity.
iii) Good quality colour photographs which are properly representative of the site.

The application must be handed in personally by the perit.

In the case of large activities which involve the construction of stages, sets, obstacle courses, tented structures, and/or other similar temporary structures, the application shall be accompanied by detailed plans, sections and elevations of these structures, including a block plan scale 1:500 to indicate the exact location of their placement.