To be completed to request changes to planning parameters for an area.

What you'll get

An amendment to a development plan.

For Form PC-A, click here.

For Form PC-B, click here.

For Form PC-C, click here.

For Form PC-D, click here.

For the Ownership Declaration Form,click here.

For the Guidance Note to Assist Architects and Applicants to fill in forms PC-A to PC-D, click here.



How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

The first page of the application form will be date-stamped and returned to provide an immediate acknowledgment of receipt.

Required documents:

i) Application fee.
ii) Required copies of the application form and plans.
iii) All drawings titled and signed by the architect.
iv) Relative proof of ownership attached.
v) Full description of proposal and site location.
vi) All drawings folded to A4 size and collated into sets.
vii) A set of 3 colour photos, on an A4 sheets.

The application must be handed in personally by the architect.