Accompanying documentation to the application for Planning Control.

The Form PC-D may be used to acquire third party consent before submitting the application. However, the Planning Authority may request an alternation to the proposed minor modification and consequently will be requested to require the relevant consent. This form is not requested with the submission of the appliation but is requested at a later stage in the processing of the application.

The site reference number used on this form should be exactly the same as that used on the notification letter Form PC-A, even though some numbers may be missed out. Insert the name of the consenting owner/third party, the floor level in relation to the number of floors within the same block, the address of the property affected by the proposed change, a description of the proposed minor amendment, the details of the consenting owner/third party and architect in the appropriate spaces on this form.

What you'll get

Click here to view the Application for Planning Control.



To complete this form it is necessary that on the back side or attached to it there is a copy of the proposed layout plan with the consenting owner/third party site marked in blue on it. This plan should be signed also by the owner/third party and by the application's architect.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:

Planning Authority
St Francis Ravelin Street
Floriana FRN 1230

The application must be handed in personally by the architect.