The highly successful Irrestawra Darek grant scheme which was first launched two years ago by the Planning Authority has re-opened for a third term. This time, the scheme includes an allocation of funds specifically for the restoration of streetscapes that are located within Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs). As in previous years, the scheme is also open to owners of privately owned residential properties situated within Urban Conservation Areas (UCAs) and Grade 1 and Grade 2 scheduled buildings.
A streetscape is defined as a stretch of road within UCA of length not less than 50 metres composed of heritage buildings (which may include a commercial component). All the owners/occupants of the buildings within the designated 'streetscape' will have to agree to submit, and implement, a joint Irrestawra Darek grant scheme request for the respective facades to be submitted by ONE Perit. Each individual property will be eligible for up to 70% of costs for the restoration of the facades, capped at €20,000. Since this is a joint project, restoration works on all facades within the eligible streetscape, will have to be completed before any refund will be affected.

What you'll get

Private owners of such residences may apply for a grant of 70% of the works, up to a maximum of €10,000. The maximum for streetscape applications is €20,000, that for Grade 2 residences is €50,000 and that for Grade 1 residences is €100,000.
Works have to commence after 1 June 2019 and have to be concluded within 3 years. Original fiscal receipts have to be presented and planning permission needs to be sought prior to the execution of restoration works.
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Budget Type of Beneficiary Type of Built Heritage Restoration of Facade Restoration of Interior Restoration of Garden Architecture 70% of Costs, capped at Maximum
€4 million General Public UCA Yes No No €10,000
Grade 2 Yes Yes Yes €50,000
Grade 1 Yes Yes Yes €100,000
€1 million Streetscape UCA Yes No No €20,000 per individual property within the streetscape

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Together with the following documents:
i) Official Planning Authority site plan at 1:2500 scale (all property boundaries marked);
ii) Good quality colour photographs showing the facade of the property at the time of submission of request for funding. Photos are to show the full extent of the facade outlined in red.
iii) A duly completed Bill of Quantities (ONLY) as per the template provided. (Prices to include VAT)
iv) Ownership (Deed or Promise of sale or lease agreement)

The application must be submitted by the perit via the online eApplications system.