You qualify to hold dual citizenship:
i) If you are an adult citizen of Malta and you acquired a foreign citizenship on or after 10 February 2000. You may retain such citizenship together with your Maltese citizenship.
ii) If you were a minor on 10 February 2000 or if you had then attained your 18th birthday but had not yet reached your 19th birthday and you possessed another citizenship apart from your Maltese citizenship. You may now hold both citizenships indefinitely.
iii) If you became a citizen of Malta on 21 September 1964 or (subsequent to that date) at birth, you lost such citizenship, and you have resided abroad for an aggregate period of at least 6 years, then in accordance with the year 2000 changes to the citizenship legislation, you are deemed never to have ceased to be a citizen of Malta, that is, you qualify to hold dual citizenship automatically.

What you'll get

A confirmation letter that you hold dual citizenship.


Persons making enquiries about dual citizenship who were born prior to 21 September 1964.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it, sign it, and take it personally to the Maltese Citizenship Office at:

Identity Malta
Evans Building
St Elmo's Square

The relevant list of supporting documentation is found on the application form.

This form cannot be submitted online due to the requirement of an original signature.