When Malta became an Independent State on the 21 September 1964, the Independence Constitution established who should become a citizen of Malta automatically by birth and who could be registered as a citizen of Malta under the provisions of the same Constitution.

As a result of the changes in the citizenship laws which took place in the year 2000, these provisions are now to be found in the Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap. 188).

Through the above-mentioned changes certain restrictions were introduced whereas new categories of persons eligible to apply for registration have been added. On the 1 August 2007, further amendments to the said Act became effective, as a result of which it became possible for second and subsequent generations Maltese born abroad to acquire Maltese citizenship by registration.

What you'll get

Citizenship Certificate by registration.


A minor child who is the descendant, second or subsequent generation born abroad of an ascendant who was born in Malta of a parent also born in Malta.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.