You can view information about social security Benefits Rates to which you are entitled, organised by clusters. The benefits rates information is for the last five (5) years, ending at the end of the current year. The rates of social security benefits are shown in chronological order and apply to both couples and single people.

What you'll get

The facility to view information on benefits rates for social security benefits over the previous five (5) years up through the end of the current year, grouped by cluster. Except where otherwise specified, each benefit has a weekly rate.

Benefits Rates Clusters:

  • Contributory Pensions.
  • Family Benefits.
  • Grants, Benefits and Schemes.
  • Medical Assistance.
  • Non-Contributory Benefits.
  • Work, Incentives and Unemployment Benefits.


General eligibility criteria:

Any citizen can access information on the rates of social security benefits.

How to apply

How to access the service

To access the Benefits Rates service, click here.