The State Funded Food Distribution Scheme or as is more known as the SFFD, will be given to people most in need, and is totally funded by the state.

What you'll get

Besides offering material assistance to families who are most in need or vulnerable, this scheme will also contribute to the reduction of poverty and social exclusion.

This food is distributed twice a year.


i) Households in receipt of a non-contributory benefit (Unemployment Assistance, Special Unemployment Benefit, Social Assistance, Social Assistance Board, Single Unmarried Parent, Carer’s Allowance, Increased Carer’s Allowance and Age Pension), having 1 child below the age of 16

ii) Households eligible for a non-contributory means tested Age Pension with single status

iii) Households in receipt of the Energy Benefit:
o Having 1 child only below the age of 16 years
o Having 2+ children below the age of 16 years
o Having all children OVER the age of 16 years
o Having no children at all

iv) Households in receipt of a disability pension (Disability Assistance, Severe Disability Assistance, Increased Severe Disability Assistance and Visual Impairement Assistance) and who are in employment

How to apply

Eligible persons do not have to submit an application to benefit from this scheme.

The food packages will be distributed in centres spread around Malta and Gozo to facilitate as much as possible the collection of food to those who are eligible.

Those who will benefit from this program will receive a letter from the Department of Social Security informing them that they are eligible and to inform them about the center, dates and times as to when they can collect the package. This letter has a barcode which is to be used when collecting the items. Beneficiaries will also be asked to sign a consent letter and declaration if any other social assistance needs to be given.