This service is intended for Social Security beneficiaries who would like to generate a list of Payments Issued Statement for Social Security Benefits payments paid for a specific year for the past 5 years. This statement is not an FS3 and hence cannot be used for tax purposes. Since this is an electronic document it does not require a signature

What you'll get

-Upon selecting ‘Generate Payments Issued Statement’ for a specific year chosen from the past 5 years, the user will be given the option to download a Statement of Payments issued in PDF format or else receive the statement by email.

- If the output is to be received by email and is the first time to make use of this service, the user must specify an email address and decide whether to make this email address as a default for the Department of Social Security to make contact with. On subsequent use of the service, this saved email address will be automatically shown


General eligibility criteria: -A valid and active e-ID account issued by Identità.

How to apply

The user must authenticate with an e-ID login and password to access the Generate a Payments Issued Statement Service.