The Single Unmarried Parent Allowance may be awarded to a single unmarried parent who is not engaged in a gainful occupation.

What you'll get

A Single Unmarried Parent Allowance is paid every 4 weeks.

The Single Unmarried Parent Allowance is awarded in full if the applicant is single; living alone and having care and custody of one or more children. However, if the applicant is living with a parent/s, the applicant becomes entitled to 75% of the Single Unmarried Parent Allowance rate.

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefits Rates.


General eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant is the Head of Household and is not in gainful occupation
  • The applicant must be single and having care and custody of one or more children
  • The applicant must satisfy the Capital Means Test. Capital resources for a single person must not exceed €14,000
  • Any income deriving from Rents; Bank Interest from Capital, Stocks and Shares; Alimony / Child Maintenance and any other Income derived, must not exceed the maximum Social Assistance rate as per household
  • From January 2022 the applicant receiving Single Unmarried Parent Allowance will start taking the full cost of living increase

How to apply

General documentation:

  • Copy of ID Card
  • Bank Statements (local and foreign bank accounts)
  • Rent Receipts (if paying rent)
  • Document re cars in possession
  • Document re Property in possession
  • Declaration by Head of Household that beneficiary is living in the same household
  • Letter or declaration regarding amount of maintenance received for children

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.