The Voluntary Payment of Class 2 Social Security Contributions is paid to avoid having gaps in the record of social security contributions.

What you'll get

Through such social security contributions payment, a person enhances his/her record of social security contributions and therefore his/her eligibility to a Social Security Contributory Pension.


General eligibility criteria:,/p>

  • Applicants whose income was/is from either rents, interest or dividends during the insurability period/s intended to be covered with the application.
  • Applicants are partaking in an Early/Voluntary retirement scheme (ERS/VRS), as approved by the Government of Malta.
  • Applicants were ppaying Class 2 social security contributions up to 5th January, 2004.
  • Applicants are single persons not deriving earnings from a gainful occupation.

How to apply

<pDocumentation Required

General documentation:

  • In case an applicant partook in an ERS/VRS Scheme, a copy of the ERS/VRS Agreement is to be attached with the application.

Fill in and submit the application online.