A deceased beneficiary may have been due to a Social Security payment prior to or at the time of death. To claim a payment owed to a deceased beneficiary, fill in and submit the application as soon as possible after the death.

What you'll get

A Social Security payment due to a deceased beneficiary may be paid to a family member or a legal representative of the estate.


General eligibility criteria:

The heir/heirs may request to receive from the Department of Social Security the balance of Social Security Benefit/s which should have been entitled to the late beneficiary up to the date of death of the deceased beneficiary.


How to apply

General documentation:

A Copy of the deceased's last Will must be attached if this was made.

If no Will was made, the heir/s are to download the document Annex 1 and be duly completed and signed by an authorised professional. Those that may act as a witness can be a Priest, Doctor, University Graduate, Parliament Member, Bank Manager, Public Officer grade not less than a Principal or a Police Officer grade not less than an Inspector.

Moreover, if there is more than one Heir, the document Annex 2 is required.