This service provides the facility for an employer who receives an overpayment advise letter in connection with a claim for tapering of benefits, to repay online the amount due to the Department of Social Security. The information provided in the overpayment advice letter is to be utilised to complete the online overpayment repayment.

What you'll get

Once the employer receives a Notice of Overpayment from the Department of Social Security, the overpayment may be repaid online. The employer can authorise a representative to make an online repayment on their behalf


  • An employer who had registered an employee and received Tapering of Benefits in relation to this employee.

  • The Notice of Overpayment letter received from the Department of Social Security, which includes the details that the employer needs to input for successful repayment.

  • You will need the following information: PE Number, Company Name, Name and Surname of the employer representative, Employee Identity Card Number and the Full Original Overpayment Amount. (Only digits are to be inputted in the amount field).

How to apply

To Repay an overpayment due to the Department of Social Security, please use the below link.