In order to implement one of the measures identified in Budget 2021, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, have developed the following Scheme that aims to provide a once-only grant for persons who were formerly employed as licensed port workers between 4th April, 1973 and 1st June, 2007 and who were not so licensed after such period.

What you'll get

A once-only grant.

The amount of the grant will be paid to the eligible applicant by cheque which shall be posted to the address shown on the application form. No interests shall run on the amount of the grant due to the applicant. It is a condition of this Scheme that by accepting the grant, the applicant shall be renouncing to any other claim and to withdraw any case instituted against Government or any Authority or Government entity.


This scheme applies to applicants enrolled in the Port Pension and Contingency Fund during the effective period. Applicants so enrolled shall only be entitled to a once-only grant.

The scheme also applies to the heirs of such port workers if such port workers are deceased when the application for the once only grant under the Scheme is made.

Only those applications that are found to conform with the provisions of this Scheme shall be eligible for payment of the grant.

Persons who had applied under the Scheme issued in the Government Gazette on 2nd May 2017 and on 17th April 2018 and who later received a payment in view of their eligibility under that same Scheme need not reapply under this new Scheme. They will be contacted by the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects in due course, to confirm the relevant details.

How to apply

Fill in the attached form and send by post