The Tapering of Benefits Scheme is intended to introduce persons in receipt of Unemployment Assistance (UA), Social Assistance (SA) and Social Assistance for Single Unmarried Parents (SUP) to employment. Tapering of Benefits is given for a 3 year period to those beneficiaries who become engaged in employment or also as self occupied, as long as they earn the national minimum wage or more.

Following Budget 2015, this scheme was extended to Single Parents with children under the age of 23 years. In these cases, the Tapering of Benefits is given for a 3 year period to those single parents who become engaged in employment or self occupation, as long as they work at least for 10 hours per week earning the hourly rate equivalent to the national minimum wage.

What you'll get

The percentage paid to beneficiaries will be calculated only on the main benefit (UA, SA, SUP) while the other ancillary benefits (bonuses) are stopped.

- 1st Year Beneficiary (65%) Employer (25%)
- 2nd Year Beneficiary (45%) Employer (25%)
- 3rd Year Beneficiary (25%) Employer (25%)


Beneficiaries who in the last 36 months benefited from Unemployment Assistance (UA), Social Assistance (SA) or Single Unmarried Parents (SUP) for a period of 24 months can have their benefit tapered down gradually over a period of 3 years instead of having it stopped altogether.

If a beneficiary has not availed himself of the full 36 months, then the beneficiary can continue benefiting from the remaining months if s/he restarts employment.

Required document:
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How to apply

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