Children’s Allowance is awarded to married couples; civil union couples; cohabiting couples; single parents; separated parents or returned migrants, and having the care and custody of their children under 16 years of age and whose household income exceeds €24,924.

What you'll get

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• One of the parents should be a citizen of Malta or married to a Maltese citizen, or is a citizen of a European Union Member State, or a citizen of a member country of the European Social Charter, or has a refugee status and ordinarily resides in Malta or Gozo

• The applicant should be a resident of Malta at least 3 months before the date of application

• In the case of every child born, it is the duty of the father and the mother, and in default of both, of the physician, surgeon, midwife, or any other person in attendance at the birth, or in whose house the birth has taken place, to give, within fifteen days of such birth, notice thereof to the Public Registry. The person transmitting such notice, is to present his/her Identity Card, and any documentation provided to him/her by the hospital

• The applicant is bound to notify the Department of Social Security (not later than 6 months from occurrence) of any change in circumstances such as death, separation, marriage/co-habitation, change in custody, change of address, change in Bank Account number or termination/start of employment

• Following the initial award of Children’s Allowance, a yearly review is carried out by the Department of Social Security based on information received through the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and Financial Institutions. The Children’s Allowance rate is based on the household income 2 years prior to the claim and / or revision of claim

How to apply

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