Through this service you can update your contact details as held by the Department of Social Security, namely the postal address, email address, land-line number, mobile phone number and SMS payment notification as required. The latter option is only enabled for beneficiaries who are receiving payments by bank deposits. In order to do the update, you must first change your Identity Card details with Identità.

A postal address in Malta and Gozo consists of the house number, as well as any addition to the house number and the apartment number (if they exist), street name, town or village and post code.

If you are residing abroad and the Department of Social Security is aware of you, you can change your details from this service, as long as the country of residence is the same. However to change from a Maltese address to a foreign address and vice-versa, or else from an already set foreign address to different country address, you cannot do this chance from this service. You need to click here to request for this change. In such cases the change will not be instantly as it would need to be vetted first.

What you'll get

  • The facility to amend your contact details online and this change will be instant.
  • If the postal address of your Identity Card and that of the one held by the Department of Social Security do not match, you will be given the option to either keep the one as held by the Department of Social Security or else to change to the one on your present Identity Card.
  • Facility to receive a payment notification via SMS when your benefit has been deposited.


General eligibility criteria:

  • An e-ID account issued by Identità.
  • The postal address that can be updated to from this service, can only be that of the postal address on your present Identity Card.

How to apply

The user must authenticate to access the Contact Details service.