A Supplementary Allowance may be awarded to a person having a low income and is currently not in receipt of a Children’s Allowance. This allowance is intended to help a person bridge his /her income requirements.

What you'll get

The payments for this allowance are issued every thirteen (13) weeks in advance.

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefits Rates.


General eligibility criteria:

  • An Applicant should be a resident of Malta for at least three (3) months before date of application.
  • A single person who is Responsible for Household and is currently in receipt of a Social Assistance or Unemployment Assistance or any type of a Contributory / Non-Contributory Pension or Disability Assistance.
  • A single person who is Responsible for Household and is employed or is an employed pensioner.
  • A person who is still living within the same household with his spouse / partner.
  • The total reckonable income shall not exceed fifteen-thousand and seven-hundred and fourty-eight euro (€15,748) in the case of a couple, and eleven-thousand and six-hundred and fifty-one euro (€11,651) in the case of a single person.
  • The income ceiling is based on income and emoluments backdated by two (2) years from the date of entitlement, Foreign Pension Income based on the previous year and Local Pension Income based on the Current Year.

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.


Documentation required

General documentation:

  • If applying as a couple, a separate signed declaration by the couple is to required. Click here to download this declaration.
  • Copy of the last Rent Receipts showing payment made by the applicant, if paying rent for own residence.
  • Latest Water and Electricity Bill, to prove that the applicant is Responsible for Household especially if other persons are registered on same address. This does not appy to persons living in residential care or institution.
  • Financial documents showing the income of applicant and spouse/partner (if applicable), if applicant is not receiving a pension or social assistance.
  • FS3 of the relevant year duly signed by the employer if the applicant is employed, including other employments (full-time and part-time) that the applicant may have. This also applies to the spouse/partner if applicable.
  • Profit and Loss Account, including copies of contribution receipts of the relevant year, if applicant is self-employed. This also applies to the spouse/partner if applicable.
  • Final Audited Accounts, including copies of contribution receipts, if applicant and/or spouse/partner are directors/company’s majority shareholders. This also applies to the spouse/partner if applicable.
  • Separation document in case of applicant is separated.
  • In case of applicant has been residing abroad for a period of more than three (3) months, documentation showing such circumstances.
  • In case of applicant is on unpaid leave a document showing this case.
  • Foreign pension slips.
  • Rent income declaration (in case applicant receives rent).