Heads of household and single persons with a low income are eligible for the Supplementary Allowance.

What you'll get

For the Schedule of Benefit Rates, please click here.


General eligibility criteria:
  1. An applicant should be a resident of Malta for at least 3 months before date of application
  2. A single person who is a Head of Household and is currently in receipt of a Social Assistance or Unemployment Assistance or any type of a Contributory/Non-Contributory Pension or Disability Assistance
  3. A single person who is a Head of Household and is employed or is an employed pensioner
  4. A person who is still living within the same household with his spouse/partner
  5. The total reckonable income shall not exceed €13,798 in the case of a couple and €9,701 in the case of a single person
  6. The income ceiling is based on income and emoluments for Year of Assessment 2018; Foreign Pension Income for Year of Assessment 2019 and Local Pension Income for Current Year 2020

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.