A Supplementary Allowance may be awarded to an employed, single person with low income, is currently not in receipt of a Children’s Allowance and also not responsible for the family that he/she lives with.  This allowance is intended to help a person bridge his/her income requirements.

What you'll get

The payments for this allowance are issued every thirteen (13) weeks in advance.

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefits Rates.


  • A single person who is not responsible for the family that he/she lives with head of household, is living with his/her  parents, whilst being in gainful employment.
  • The total reckonable income shall not exceed eleven-thousand and six-hundred and fifty-one euro (€11,651).
  • The  income ceiling is based on income and emoluments of relevant year (backdated by two (2) years from the date of entitlement); Foreign Pension Income for Year of Assessment of the previous year of application and Local Pension Income for Current Year of application.

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.


Documentation required

General documentation:

  • If applicant is employed, the FS3 of the relevant year for each employment, being full-time and/or part-time, duly signed by the employer/s.
  • If applicant is a self-employed, a ‘Profit and Loss Account’, including receipts of social security contributions paid, for the relevant year.
  • In the case of directors / company’s majority shareholders, the ‘Final Audited Accounts’, including receipts of national insurance contributions paid of the relevant year.
  • Copy of separation document in the case of a separated applicant.
  • Copy of passport, if applicant resided abroad for a period of more than three (3) months.
  • Document of proof if applicant is on unpaid leave.