The Energy Benefit is aimed to mitigate the effect of the increase in expenditure on water and electricity bills of low income families.

Following the submission of an Energy Benefit application, a person may qualify:
• On humanitarian grounds (application is reviewed by a Medical Board, appointed in accordance to the Social Security Act (Cap. 318) so that a decision is taken)

What you'll get

A person, who qualifies for Energy Benefit on humanitarian grounds, shall be entitled to:

• an amount to offset 80% of the consumption of electricity before the eco contribution reduction, and
• if claimant or spouse are the account holder a subsidy in respect of the rent of an electricity meter of not more than €65 per year in the case of a single phase meter or not more than €195 per year in the case of a three phase meter, and a subsidy of not more than €59 per year in respect of the rent of water meter

The Energy Benefit is deducted directly from the Water and Electricity Bill. The Energy Benefit deducted can be seen in detail on the second page of the bill. Those who are eligible for the benefit but are not the account holders of the water and electricity meter, receive an advice letter with details of their energy benefit.


A person can qualify on humanitarian grounds where:

o A head of household proves that a member of the family suffers from a medical condition that requires an excessive use of water and electricity
o Such member is to be permanently residing in Malta
o The household income (calculated in accordance with the provisions for a Disabled Child Allowance) is less than €30,911 per annum (Year of Assessment 2017)

Any change in circumstance must be reported immediately to the Director General (Social Security). If the Director General (Social Security) is not informed about change of circumstance, entitlement for the benefit or part of may be forfeited.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.