A Contributory Widow/er’s Pension is awarded to a claimant who satisfies the relevant conditions following the death of the spouse/partner.

What you'll get

A Contributory Widow/er’s Pension is paid every 4 weeks in advance.

A Contributory Widow/er’s Pension is awarded as from the day following the spouse’s/partner’s date of death.

There are 2 categories of Widow/er’s Pension a person can receive:
• NMWP – National Minimum Pension awarded when deceased was already in receipt of retirement pension
• ESRP – Early Survivors Pension awarded when deceased is not yet in receipt of a retirement pension

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefit Rates.

You may make use of the Widow/er’s Pension Calculator to calculate the potential Contributory Widow/er’s Pension.


A widow/er who has not yet reached retirement age, may be eligible for a Contributory Widow/er’s Pension if the following criteria are fulfilled:

• Upon the death of the spouse/partner, a minimum of 156 Social Security Contributions (equivalent to 3 years – 52 contributions per year) must have been paid by the spouse/partner.

• A Contributory Widow/er’s Pension is payable in full without any deductions if a widow/er is carrying out a full-time gainful occupation. However, if a widow/er re-marries, a flat rate of Widow/er’s Pension will be paid.

• A widow/er who is in gainful activity, is obliged to pay Social Security Contributions if his/her earnings from such gainful activity exceed the National Minimum Wage. The employer is obliged to pay all the statutory bonuses from his end.

• If a widow/er earns less than the National Minimum Wage, s/he may opt not to pay Social Security Contributions.

• A widow/er who is in gainful occupation is eligible to the Widow’s Contributory Pension. As of 2018, the widow/er in receipt of the Widow’s Contributory Pension is also eligle to other contributions such as Sickeness Benefit and Injury Benefit

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How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Upon the registration of the death of a spouse/partner with Malta's Public Registry or the Department of Social Security, the process for the payment of a Contributory Widow/er’s Pension is automatically initiated by the Department of Social Security. In addition, a notification letter is sent to a prospective Contributory Widow/er’s Pension beneficiary requesting any missing details necessary for the award of a Contributory Widow/er’s Pension should this be the case.

If a notification letter is not received, or a person may wish to opt to apply for a Contributory Widow/er’s Pension, a claimant may do so by submitting the prescribed application. The claim for a Contributory Widow/er’s Pension must be submitted within 6 months of the date of death of the spouse/partner. When the application is not completed within this period, the Contributory Widow/er’s Pension will be payable with effect from the 1st Saturday from when the application is received.