A Disability Assistance may be awarded to a person with a disability who is 16 years of age and over suffering from either, a total paralysis or a permanent total severe malfunction, or else a permanent total disability through the amputation of one of the upper or lower limb.

What you'll get

The Disability Assistance is paid every 4 weeks in advance.

Please click here for a Schedule of Benefit Rates.


• The applicant should be 16 years and over.

• The applicant is suffering from either:
o total paralysis; or
o permanent total severe malfunction; or
o permanent total disability through the amputation or otherwise of one of the upper or lower limb.

• The applicant has been suffering from the disability prior to reaching the age of 60.

• An applicant can be gainfully occupied since eligibility for Disability Assistance is not Capital Means tested. However, any other additonal income not derived from the applicant’s main employment, must not exceed the current minimum wage. In the case that any additional income does exceed the current minimum wage, then the difference by which this is exceeded will be deducted from the awarded rate.

• The provisions of Article 90 of the Social Security Act (Cap. 318) “Duplicate Rights” apply, wherein a beneficiary cannot be in receipt of two pensions; benefits; assistances or allowances concurrently but to the most beneficial pension; benefit; assistance or allowance.

• A Medical Board will decide whether the case falls within the medical parameters for payment of this assistance. An applicant who was eligible for the Disabled Child Allowance prior to turning 16 years of age may still be examined by a medical board.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.