An Age Pension may be awarded to a person who reaches 60 years of age, who does not have enough paid or credited Social Security Contributions to be eligible for a Contributory Retirement Pension and satisfies the Means Test.

What you'll get

The Age Pension is paid every 4 weeks in advance.

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  1. An applicant should be either married; in a civil union; cohabiting or single and in receipt of Unemployment or Social Assistance and should have reached 60 years of age
  2. If an applicant’s spouse reaches 60 years of age prior to the head of household, one may apply for an Age Pension in her/his own right until the Head of Household reaches pensionable age, after which they will be awarded a married rate
  3. If a person reaches 61 years of age and is entitled to a Social Security Contributory Pension (though the awarded at rate is less than the applicable Age Pension rate), a beneficiary may apply for the difference by submitting an Age Pension application
  4. The applicant must satisfy the Capital Means Test. Capital resources for a couple must not exceed €23,300 and €14,000 for a single person
  5. Where couples are in receipt of an Age Pension and the spouse is entitled for Severe Disability Assistance, the Age Pension will be calculated on the entire family except the person who receives the Severe Disability Assistance. The amount received as Severe Disability Assistance will be ignored for the calculation of the weekly means test
  6. Any income deriving from rents; bank interest from capital, stocks and shares; child maintenance; and any other Income derived must not exceed the maximum Social Assistance or Unemployment Assistance rate as per household

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.