The funding scheme is aimed towards voluntary organisations with the aim to support the Government’s approach to promote community-based interventions and to prevent the onset of substance abuse and addictions to said substances.

Human Rights Directorate (HRD) will be given space on the premises legally administered by the Voluntary Organisation upon which a structure for promotional purposes will be installed on their property for duration of 12 months with an option to review the terms and conditions if a renewal is agreed upon between both parties.

What you'll get

Only one e-application per centre through which the Voluntary Organisation operates shall be permissible.

The maximum aggregate grant shall not exceed the amount of €4000 per eligible Beneficiary Voluntary Organisation.

The ad/s itself shall be provided by the Ministry for Equality, Research and Innovation and no printing, affixing, dismantling and/or maintenance costs shall be incurred by the VO.

The funding will be disbursed via bank transfer to the Beneficiary Voluntary Organisation upon signing of the grant agreement. Bank Account Details of the Beneficiary Voluntary Organisation will be requested accordingly.


The beneficiaries of this scheme shall be Voluntary Organisations.

All eligible applicants that are approved for award of funding shall be subject to verification by an auditor appointed by the Minister for Equality, Research and Innovation. This may include but not limited to on-site visits. When requested, all to-date documentation needs to be presented.

Voluntary Organisations receiving grants through the scheme will be required to sign an agreement with the awarding body. The agreement is drawn up to outline the obligations of the beneficiary and details of the financial procedures.

The transfer of grant shall not be affected until the promotional material and the installation is certified complete by the awarding body.

How to apply

The scheme calls for Voluntary Organisations to submit an application for their ad spaces to be rented by the Ministry for Equality, Research and Innovation as part of this initiative with the theme ‘Substance and Drug Abuse’.

Further information on the conditions of the scheme can be found in the guidelines.