Voluntary Organisations, in accordance to the Voluntary Organisations Act (Cap. 492 of the Laws of Malta) are required to enrol with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

What you'll get

Once a voluntary organisation is enrolled with the Commissioner and is compliant with the provisions of the Law and its Subsidiary Legislation, it may enjoy various privileges as contemplated in Article 4 of the Voluntary Organisations Act (Cap. 492 of the Laws of Malta) namely:
a) Make public collections without any further authorisation. (Any public collections shall be made in accordance with applicable law or guidelines which may be issued by the Commissioner from time to time.)
b) Receive or be the beneficiary of grants, sponsorships or other financial aid from the Government, any entity controlled by the Government or the Voluntary Organisations Fund. 
c) Be the beneficiary of any policies supporting voluntary action as these may be developed by the Government.
d) Receive or be the beneficiary of exemptions, privileges or other entitlements in terms of any law
e) Be a party to contracts and other engagements, whether against remuneration or not, for the carrying out of services for the achievement of its social purpose at the request of the Government or any entity controlled by the Government.


To qualify for enrollment the organisation has to be:

a) Non-Profit (that no part of the income, capital or property of the organisation shall be available directly or indirectly to any promoter, member, administrator, donor or other private interest);
b) Autonomous (no Government involvement);
c) Voluntary;
d) Non-Commercial.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.