The possibility to carry out research with the Foundation for Social Welfare Service (FSWS).

What you'll get

Upon approval from the Research Office, the research study within FSWS can be carried out, provided that potential participants are available and agree to participate.


Individuals/entities who would like to carry out a research project with FSWS.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:

Foundation for Social Welfare Services
Reseach Office
212, Cannon Road
Sta Venera SVR 9034

or via email on: research.fsws-headoffice@gov.mt

Documents required:

i) Recruitment letter, poster, etc.
ii) Participant instructions.
iii) Tests, interview guidelines, or questionnaires.
iv) Written consent form (or script).
v) Information sheets or debriefing materials.
vi) Other materials used.
vii) Other institutional approvals (e.g. Ethics Board).Appendix B (in case of an assignment or any other module/credit course work):