A beneficiary of the Lands Department may apply for the redemption of ground rent burdening plots of land granted on temporary emphyteusis, or on temporary emphyteusis later on converted into a perpetual one or on perpetual emphyteusis under the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) by the Commissioner of Land prior to 1979.

What you'll get

To convert temporary emphyteusis to perpetual emphyteusis (ground rent) and redeem ground rent.


Beneficiaries of House Ownership Scheme (HOS) plots allocated to them on temporary emphyteusis (ground rent) or on temporary emphyteusis (ground rent) which later on was converted in to a perpetual one or on perpetual emphyteusis by the Lands Department under its schemes of Home Ownership prior to 1979 issue can apply, provided that applicants are:

i) Up-to-date in the payment of ground rent as per clause 8 sub paragraph.
ii) Of this scheme, and who have abided or are abiding by the conditions of the emphyteutical grant.
iii) Occupying the house built on plot and have delivered to the Director for Social Accommodation the keys of their former residence, if applicable.
iv) Observing their obligation with Lohombus Bank Limited where this is applicable.

In case of married couples the emphyteuta has to apply in solidum with his/her wife/husband.

In those cases where the emphyteuta has been allocated a plot of land adjacent to his/her HOS plot in order that this additional plot of land will form part of the HOS plot, this will be included in the redemption. Naturally, the ground rent burdening the plot of land adjacent to the HOS plot will be added to the ground rent burdening the said HOS plot and the scheme will be worked out as if the whole area is one plot.

In those cases where the adjacent land is forming part of the HOS plot and is in possession of the emphyteuta under title of temporary emphyteusis, this temporary emphyteusis will be converted into a perpetual one and will be redeemed together with the HOS plot. Applicants must be the emphyteuta of the plot, are not in arrears in payment of ground rent, and are occupying the house built on plot.

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How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

A payment of €116.47 applies as a deposit upon submission of an application. This amount will be deducted from the amount of redemption on deed.