This application is used to file a claim in the Courts of Magistrates. The following type of applications may be filed through this eForm:

• Notice – Monetary claim
• Notice – Point of law
• Revocation of warrant application
• Slander and libel application
• Application contesting Judicial Letter issued in terms of Art. 166A of Cap.12
• Application in terms of Art. 466 of Cap. 12
• Application contesting judicial costs

Applications filed online shall, for all intents and purposes of law, be deemed as if they have been filed directly in the Registry of the same Court; provided that when an application is filed online outside registry opening hours as established by the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure, such act shall be deemed to have been filed on the first following day of the opening of the said Registry.

What you'll get

The advocate or the legal procurator may file an application, from his own office, of the case that s/he is proposing in front of the Court of Magistrates.


Advocates and Legal Procurators may use this eForm provided that they are registered for this service. For more information on how to apply for this service clickhttps:here.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

The application has to be submitted in the Maltese Language and must be signed by an Advocate or Legal Procurator. Attach a scanned copy of the application and of any documents in support of the claim.