In order to implemented one of the measures identified in Budget 2017, the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance and the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security have developed the following Scheme that aims to provide a once-only Grant for "overtime" performed by police officers between 1st September, 1993 and 31st December, 2009.

What you'll get

A one-time grant.

The amount of the grant will be paid to the eligible applicant by cheque which shall be posted to the address shown on the application form. No interests shall run on the amount of the grant due to the applicant. It is a condition of this Scheme that by accepting the grant, the applicant shall be renouncing to any other claims in respect of “overtime” performed during the effective period.


The scheme applies to eligible persons who performed ""overtime"" during the effective period. The scheme also applies to the heirs of eligible persons who are deceased at the time of the submission of the application.

How to apply

Kindly note that this scheme is currently closed.