The eIDAS notification process is the means via which a Trust Service Provider (TSP) notifies a member state of its intention to become a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) and become listed on the member state’s trusted list (TL). Since QTSPs provide services which induce trust in documents by providing electronic signatures and electronic seals, amongst others, they need to go through a rigorous assessment of their processes before they can be accepted on a member state’s TL and become “qualified”. The notification process thus moves a TSP’s application through the assessment by the Supervisory Body (SB) which is the MCA in this case.

What you'll get

An elimination or reduction of paper based trail through a more efficient and digital process.


Local and foreign trust service providers who are interested in becoming "Qualified" Trust Service Providers on the Malta Trusted List.

How to apply

Fill the form online and submit it.