A community radio station caters for the needs of a particular community or locality, having a limited range of reception. Frequency allocation is through the Malta Communications Authority.

Community Radio stations can broadcast either for a short period of time not exceeding 1 month or for a 3-year term.

What you'll get

Application for a community radio station is subject to an appropriate frequency being identified by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA). Provided that such a frequency is available and provided further that the Broadcasting Authority approves the application, a relevant licence document will be issued.


Any individual who is ordinarily resident in Malta can apply for a community radio broadcasting licence.

How to apply

Once a frequency has been allotted by MCA you can print and fill in the form and send it, together with a copy of the ID Card, Police conduct and an application fee of €116 to the:

Broadcasting Authority
7, Mile End Road
Ħamrun HMR 1719
or upload the application on the Malta Communications Authority's website.