The objective of these procedures is to explain the provisions of the Arrears of Motor Vehicle Licence fees (Regularisation) Regulations, with the aim to reduce and control the number of unlicensed vehicles on the Maltese road network.

What you'll get

  • Vehicle deemed as SCRAPPED or to be SCRAPPED and with an expired road licence BUT Owner failed to ask Transport Malta to deregister the vehicle:

In line with the above regulations, vehicle owners who have disposed of their vehicle (scrapped) or intend to scrap their vehicle, but have never informed and returned the registration certificate and registration plates to Transport Malta may regularise their position. The administration fines applicable of €2 per day or €10 per month will be waived. If no contraventions and no CVA fees are due on the vehicle, all licence arrears to date will be waived, BUT if a vehicle has contraventions, the owner must pay ALL licence arrears till such date.


  • Vehicle owner intends to GARAGE his vehicle and vehicle has an expired road licence BUT owner failed to inform Transport Malta:

 In line with the regulations, individuals who have garaged a vehicle and intend to keep it garaged may regularise their position and benefit from a reduction of fifty per cent (50%) of all the arrears in circulation licence fees due in respect of the said vehicle. All administration fines of €2 per day or €10 per month will be waived till date of garaging. If no contraventions are due, the vehicle owner will pay 50% of ALL licence arrears to date BUT if a vehicle has contraventions and/or CVA fees, the owner must pay ALL licence arrears till such date.


  • Vehicle with an expired road licence:

 In line with the above regulations, individuals who have licence in arrears and related administrative penalties and intend to use their vehicle on the road may regularise their position by paying 100% of arrears in the annual circulation licence. All administration fines €2 per day or €10 per month will be waived till date of licensing. Vehicle owners will pay ALL licence arrears to date.

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There will be instances were a transaction may not be effected and this due to some restrictions as imposed on the vehicle. Each case has to be processed separately.

  • If a vehicle has been unofficially disposed of after the 1st November 2013, a fee of €150 will be paid to the Authority. Such concession will be available until the 15th of October 2022. A fee of €600 shall be paid to the Authority for the de-registration of any vehicle which is not disposed of at an authorised facility after the 16th of October 2022.
  • Vehicle owners who are living in an elderly home, in hospital, in a mental institution or in any other related institution; then the fee of €125 will be waived subject to the submission of a medical certificate.
  • Vehicle owners that have an unlicensed vehicle registered on their name will be precluded from registering or transferring another vehicle on their name.
  • Vehicles which have been scrapped by a deceased owner whose heir/s denunciate to the will have the processing fee of €125 waived subject to confirmation by a Notary.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and hand it personally, together with the required documents and the payment due, at:

Transport Malta
Vehicle Licencing Unit
A3 Towers
Arcade Street


Transport Malta
Vehicle Licencing Unit
Pantar Road

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 07.30 till 13.00