Any proposed road intervention works (including works being carried out in roads, alleyways, kerbs, footpaths, verges, hard landscaping and soft landscaped areas), irrelevant of size and nature, must be carried out with a permit approved by the Authority as stipulated in L.N. 29 of 2010. The purpose of the permit process is to provide better quality and control, in all road works interventions by:
• The classification of works intervention.
• Planning and coordination between the relevant entities and stakeholders involved.
• The application and issuing of relevant permits in relation to the proposed road works.
• Establishing the necessary work methods, conditions and standards set by the Authority.
• Monitoring of works in progress.
• Certification of works completion.
• Auditing completed works within the liability period.

What you'll get

The online road works permit system offers a simple way for authorised applicants to apply for a road works permit from any online internet location.


The applicants authorised to create a permit online are the following:
• Transport Malta
• Public Entities
• Local Councils
• Service Providers
• Utility Providers
• Registered Contractors.

In order to apply for a road works permit, one must first assign the works to a registered contractor.
The same contractor will apply on behalf of the applicant from the online road permit system (RPS).
Once the online application has been submitted, the permit will be given a unique registration number.
The contractor can check the status and progress of the permit.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.